=>Teaching and propagating Madhva philosophy.

=>Preservation of Shasthra's such as Jyouthisha and Alankara.

=>To consolidate and preserve the catalogs, manuscripts, ancient texts and modern texts, essays, etc. relating to the Dwaitha.

=>To promote sanskrit learning in all branches and more particular in Vedas, Upanishads and other important Shastras.


=>Arranging Sanskrit Teaching.

=>Organizing music and dance programs to complement Indian culture.

=>To train students on the values of morality.

=>Building a modern society through values inspired by Sanskrit literature and philosophy.


Sevices and Facilities offered by this college are as below.

Free education

Free education has been provided to all the students over the years without any tuition fee.

Free Hostel

Free hostel facilities are provided for students coming from far off places with all the basic facilities.

Free Meals

The students of this college can have their meals in Krishna mutt for free.

Free Library

The college has a huge library with a well furnished reading room facility. There are more than 10300 number of books available on various subjects such as Vedantha, Alankara, Jyouthisha Etc.,. Pretty good number of magazines, journals and newspapers are also made available to the students.

Free Computer Education

The college is also enriched with well equipped computer laboratories with 15 modern computer system, a printer, a scanner and all the systems in the lab are provided with high speed internet connectivity for the students.



Duration:2 years

This course is equivalent to P.U.C course


Duration:3 years

This course is equivalent to Degree course( B.A )


Duration:2 years

This course is equivalent to Master Degree( M.A ) course