Welcome to Our SMSP Samskrit Adhyayana Kendram


Culture cannot be known unless Sanskrit language is not known. The Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya was founded in view of the teachings of Vedanta and Jouthisha Shastras that preach such Sanskrit and culture. This SMSP of Udupi was born in 1904. It is one of the most reputed Sanskrit colleges in the country. It was established by the most venerable Ashtamathadhisha and administered by the alternate faculty president, SMSP Sabha.

It is one of only a handful of colleges to have seen the century. The 117th year in 2021 is underway. It is the only college in the coastal districts of Udupi and Dakshinakanda and is limited to the teaching of Sanskrit and Shastras. There is no tuition fee in this college. There is free accommodation for students studying here and a free dining arrangement with the cooperation of Sri Krishna Math. Udupi is the birthplace of Acharya Madhva’s Dvaitha Vedanta and it is one of the very few colleges that teach it. The students are also participating in national level competitions organized by institutions such as the Nation of Sanskrit, New Delhi. Not only are many of the students studying here well-known in various fields such as religious, social, art, but also many other colleges and universities in the state and the nation, such as colleges and universities.

The college is accredited by the Karnataka Sanskrit University in Bangalore and is home to not only local students but also other parts of Karnataka. Now, students from other states like Kerala, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh are coming here.

Along with the literature, the college teaches four shastras - Dvaita vedanta, Navina nyaya, Jyoutisha and Alankara. Those who passed them will be awarded the Certificate by the Sanskrit Directorate and Karnataka Sanskrit University, Bangalore respectively.

Currently, this college which was built in 1950, It had a complete renovation in 2019, almost after 69 years, at a cost of around Rs 3.50 crore. In addition to this, a computer lab is also built in the college so that computer knowledge can be acquired in addition to Sanskrit education. Our college has a library with a lot of texts which can be very beneficial for the students. Students can also show their talents in the first few rounds of speech at the Ruchira Bharatiya meeting, which takes place every fortnight.

The college is very well known in Karnataka and has continuously preserved Sanskrit in the coastal districts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. There is no exaggeration in the fact that the college is also one of the reasons for the existence of Sanskrit and culture in the region. Therefore, it is the duty of the society and the association to develop and promote the Indian culture.

Students of our college who have all the requirements! Come on. Study Sanskrit and Shastra and protect our orthodox culture. Welcome to all.